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Dr Barbara Doran (PhD) - Creativity Consultant

Creativity in all its forms is the most fundamental source of inspiration and growth. Creativity is the touchstone of learning and neuroplasticity. We build our life stories through our creative attention and habits.

Our stories are powerful shape shifters that create and re-create where and how we live. To tap into the full range of our creativity, we need to think of stories as sophisticated containers that harness the entirety of our senses, and encompass all kinds of life activities.  


Honing our creative potential helps us reach the highest version of ourselves. When we do this we draw out our best in :

  • collaboration with others. 

  • responding to challenges with nuance and courage

  • nurturing the things that make life meaningful, joyful and stimulating.

  • finding awe and value in nature and the world we share


My job is to ignite and boost your imagination so that your creative intelligence sparks up and builds enriched experiences.I can help you make renovate, connect and re-create your stories. From here we become world builders of the futures that bring vitality.


Creativity helps you to:


  • attune and expand your mind

  • think and see anew

  • find meaning

  • hone empathy

  • be resourceful

  • care for our world and imagine futures worth living


I specialise in using creative intelligence.  The process is practical, imaginative, playful and underpinned with the cutting edge psychology and neuroscience of creativity.


I am uniquely poly-disciplinary. My skills come from working across art, design, film and cultural projects. Alongside, I have 25 years in academia and education. Over this time I have taught over 30 subjects and honed a unique transdisciplinary expertise.



*Photographic artworks by Barbara Doran

Who do I work with?

People come in all shapes and sizes. We all build and live unique stories and these take us into settings that put us into default modes without knowing why.

I help you understand your uniqueness, the signature of the worlds you live in and how to make conscious choices that spark up the magic.


I have helped:

  • Creative people build confidence, passion and 'aha' moments.

  • People from all walks of life - businesses, researchers, policy makers & strategists feeling bound by their heads.

  • People who intuitively feel they have something to offer but      need some help.

  • Change makers who want to tackle complicated problems.

  • Accomplished creative aspiring  to be or looking to expand.

My expertise is based on a life time driven by  a passion for creativity. This has also taken me on deep dives into all kinds of research that explores the what, why and how of creativity. Over the years I have developed a refined creative sensibility that has unique breadth and range. My  friends and colleagues refer to me as a renaissance woman.


One of the things I love the most is supporting others in tapping into their innate potential. I firmly believe it makes life better!

Connect with me if you or your team are:

  • feeling stifled and looking for ways to get unblocked

  • wanting to dream bigger

  • seeking to grow your creative fitness and unearth a deeper sense of meaning

  • amplify your potential

  •  looking to transform ideas into innovations


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