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Dr Barbara Doran (PhD) - Creativity Consultant

Creativity in all its forms is storytelling.  Stories are powerful.

They are shape shifters that create and re-create where and how we live.


Stories help us tap into our highest creative potential so we can respond to the problems we face while nurturing the things that make life meaningful, joyful and stimulating.

I can help you make renovate, connect and create stories that work for you. I have a diverse suite of skills ranging from art, design and production all the way through to complex problem solving and mentoring.


My job is to ignite and boost your imagination so that your creativity sparks up and builds enriched experiences.


I can help show you how, build with you or do the design and production work for you.

Creativity helps you to:


  • think anew

  • be resourceful

  • make, build and trade for a better future

  • connect meaningfully

  • care for our world with empathy


I specialise in using creative intelligence.  The process is  thoughtful, practical, imaginative, playful and always collaborative.


These skills come from working across art, design, film and cultural development projects alongside 20 years of work in as an educator and a PhD specialising in creativity.



*Photographic artworks by Barbara Doran

Who do I work with?

Stories come in all shapes and sizes and so do the people and organisations I work with. I can work intimately one-on-one; with private projects and on big picture stuff with large organisations. My job is to help you find the magic. You can be  creatively accomplished, aspiring  to be or looking to break into something new. I have helped:

  • Creative people build confidence, passion and 'aha' moments.

  • Businesses, researchers, policy makers & strategists feeling        bound by their heads.

  • People who intuitively feel they have something to offer but      need some help.

  • Change makers who want to tackle complicated problems.

  • Create memorable stories that celebrate the theatre of life with experiences, places, events and plans.


My work is based on passion, experience  and research that shows hows creativity taps into our innate potential to:


  • be passionate about innovation

  • free ourselves from feeling stifled

  • dream of something different

  •  be creative and live meaningfully

  • collaborate so we work to our potential


Creativity and the skills of artists are vital to getting there.

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