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There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to creativity.  I can design the right tools that fit with your workplace, lifestyle, point of view or approach.


Contact Dr BD for a full rates sheet.


I can work with you through:

• One to one consultations

• One-hour consultations over a six week (minimum) period

• One-off or periodic 2.5 hour in-depth consultations.



I can work with groups of:

• One to three - directors, managers, leaders, advisors

• Three to five members of small creative or management teams

• Between one and ten.


Contact Dr BD for more information on the different available approaches for group work.

Appraisal & Innovation Strategies

I can negotiate the right strategy based on the scale of your project and length of engagement. I can undertake comprehensive planning, design and /or production strategies, working with a network of creative specialists spanning design, film, events, costume, economic strategies, corporate social responsibility, urban planning and health. 


My network and contacts are experts in design thinking and innovation in cutting edge approaches that identify unique character and connection. They value:

• collaboration

• local expertise and ownership

• interactive and human centred approaches

• health, environmental sustainability and economic viability

• creating experiences that people will remember.





*Photographic artworks by Barbara Doran

Talks & Lectures

I can be engaged to speak or host workshops across a diverse range of topics, including:

• Why the body mind connection matters in the 21st century.

• Analysis paralysis – creativity helps innovate.

• Glimpses of insight, creativity and balancing stress.

• Understanding the problems of the 21st century and how we might solve them.

• Why art is like therapy – mindfulness, psychology and developing empathy.



I host creative collaborations and playful, inspiring creativity jams with people from different backgrounds looking for connections and imagination free play – these are incubators for innovation.


Contact Dr BD to find out more

Exercises For Creative Intelligence

• A-Z creativity exercises

• Binary kit

• Nerve maps 

• Materials for memories

• Base 10 – ten creativity tuners (weekly exercises)

• GPS – a game of travel, macro and micro scales, culture and probability.

• Mood books – colour pages

• Signs 

• Numbers and illuminations – make your numbers special.

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