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Barbara opened my eyes to the many ways we influence the world around us and how we consume culture (in whatever form that may take). Her inspiring work across disciplines and across the city motivates me to look beyond my own circle and better understand the role we can all play in building a better city. A creative spirit that delivers innovative projects, Barbara's gift is seeing what's really happening, beyond the brush strokes and between the lines.


John O’Callaghan

Urban planner, founder of Trending City,
co-founder of Idea Bombing Sydney. 



Barbara has a sensitivity, sharp intelligence, broad range of skills and a searching mind which brings a great deal to any creative activity. She has a strong commitment to bringing these skills to bear on the larger social questions – I strongly recommend her.


Val Brown (AO)

Emeritus Professor, Fenner School of Environment & Society,
ANU College of Medicine, Biology & Environmen





*Photographic artworks by Barbara Doran

I have had the opportunity to work with Barbara on a number of creative initiatives. Barbara always brings a unique perspective and one which has impact with clients and community alike. She brings together a great combination of visual design, creative communications, social policy and design thinking - adding a compelling dimension for projects big and small.


Jamye Harrison

Partner | Consulting
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu


Chair – Transport Taskforce

Committee for Sydney


* * * *

Barbara has been an inspiring and supporting mentor. Five years ago it became clear to me that my passions were in baking – particularly artisan bread making. It took a lot of courage to leave my great job working with the head of ABC music and follow my dream. Since, my life has been a series deeply satisfying adventures. I have retrained as an artisan baker, travelled to San Francisco and Paris, worked as 2nd baker for Burke Street Bakery and most recently was head of production and training for the Bread and Butter Project – a leading model for social enterprise. Along the way Barbara has supported and helped fortify confidence in following my dream, she’s been there to bounce off during the ebbs and flows and her understanding of culture and psychology have been invaluable in my role working with refuges at the Bread and Butter Project. In the future I hope to open my own bakery and I will be calling upon Barbara and her network’s input into designing the whole experience. What I’m most thankful for is being inspired to stand solid on my own creative feet!


Alexandra Alewood

Artisan Baker

I worked with Barbara on a number of projects concerning the cultural and economic development of our region. All the projects were successfully completed under the abiding parameters of limited physical resources, inclusion, participation  and guidance of large number of people in a community that traditionally is somewhat suspicious of “culture” and intellect (I can say that, I was born here).


On first meeting Barbara it becomes quickly apparent that she is intelligent. ‘Intelligence’ on it’s own means nothing, it is those other qualities that Barbara displays that bestow her with what is commonly known as “talent”. In no particular order, these qualities include:

  • A powerful imagination, founded in a creativity that is highly visual and conceptual.

  • A thorough and rigorous knowledge and understanding of human cultural practice both through academic and as revealed in the experience of everyday life.

  • Organizational, management and problem solving skills of the highest order that are based on resourcefulness and practicality.

  • Outstanding communication skills and an exceptional ability to work with people from very different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.


It is however, Barbara’s determination, perseverance, passion and courage that I myself find most admirable and inspiring.


Graeme Skimin

Business Development Manager,
Hawkesbury City Chamber of Commerce INC

Barbara is inquisitive, observant and has a long term, grounded and educated interest in Australian culture and its relationship to global dynamics. Barbara thrives on relating to people, loves collaborating ideas and is determined in finding practical ways there. As a person, Barbara is highly independent, never short of energy or passion and has an underlying curiosity and attention for the details of life. She is an artist in her heart and her head – in other words, she has a unique imagination that she can bring to bare and touch others with. 


Shani Dowling 

Director, Sunrise Film initiative.


* * * *


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