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Creativity has been a vital driving force for me - it has directed my life and choices and continues to take me on an ongoing journey of remarkable adventures with people, places and things.


I have worked with some of Australia’s leading practitioners and award winning productions, including Jungle Boys, Australia’s largest TV commercials production company; Mythbusters in San Francisco; and alongside key film making professionals whose credits include The Matrix, Moulin Rouge and Gatsby.


I have composed music with Steve Clisby of “The Voice” fame and have worked on projects with leading Australian artists including Lindy Lee and Fiona Hall (OA), Kaldor Public Art Projects and internationally acclaimed performance artist Tino Seghal.


When it comes to an informed understanding of current global issues I have taught courses in public health, planning and behavioural change for UNSW, UWS and UTAS.  I have been mentored by leading innovators such as Emeritus Professor Val Brown (OA), adviser to the World Health Organisation on sustainability and health; Professor Susan Thompson a leader in health and city planning; Tamara Winicoff, a national advocate for the arts in Australia; and Professor Dr Dodo Thampapillai, advisor to the UN for equitable and sustainable economic policy.

From an early age I wrote stories, painted, made puppets, costumes, put on theatrical productions or was lured to new realms of knowledge, places or people. 


In my first year of an architecture degree, I wrote an essay defining creativity and its role for humans. I have continued to respond to this question and work on these ideas in two ways:

• always of learning to understand through doing and making

• through intellectual enquiry and reflection.  


This process has drawn me to studies in anthropology, psychology, environmental management, urban planning, economics and health all the while responding to them creatively.


In my early 20s I designed and hand built an environmentally sustainable house. I’ve helped to design festivals, events and on numerous film projects and have worked with Chambers of Commerce on town business development and urban invigoration, helping business owners to reposition themselves creatively and economically. I have  also initiated further sustainable building projects including the Earth Care Centre at the University of Western Sydney. 


I have my own art practice and develop and exhibit photographic and installation art works of my own in numerous solo and group shows. My awards include UNESCO International Art and Bioethics Photography Award (2013 & 15), the “She” national award (winner 2009 & 2010) and finalist selection in national competitions including the Olive Cotton Award, Redlands Westpac Art Prize, the Moran Photographic Award, and Sunrise Film competition. My recent works have involved performance and collaboration.


My study includes:

PhD PhD Art; MA Environ Plan; BA Cultural Studies

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